Provestra Ingredients

Provestra Ingredients


Provestra IngredientsProvestra is widely known for being 100% natural. Its counterparts, however, also make the same claim. It is best to look at the Provestra ingredients so that you may know how it fares well with others.

Below is the list of Provestra ingredients and how they stimulate your body to help you achieve a more gratifying sexual experience.

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What are the Ingredients Found in Provestra?

1. Ginseng.

This has been popularly known as a proven libido enhancer for thousands of years. And aside from being an aphrodisiac, it also has other health benefits: it strengthens your immune system, reduces blood sugar level, helps fight depression and alleviates any menopausal signs.

2. Ginkgo Biloba.

This helps in the smooth flow of oxygen in the body’s tiny blood vessels. As a result, the mind becomes more active and alert and the body is more motivated to engage in sexual activity.

3. Theobromine.
Aztecs have used this 4,000 years ago as an aphrodisiac. Now, it is commonly found in chocolates. It is well-known for lowering the blood pressure level by loosening up and dilating the blood vessels.

4. Damiana Leaf.

This ingredient heightens the orgasm, helps diminish dryness in the vaginal area and regulates hormonal level in the body. It incites tightening of the muscles and carries oxygen to the female genitalia, causing the clitoris to be aroused.

5. L-Arginine.

This works in two ways: It kindles the pituitary gland responsible for producing hormones for human growth, affecting all body cells and parts. Also, it fuels blood flow in the vaginal and clitoris area to enhance libido. This ingredient is a form of amino acid which can be found naturally.

6. Licorice Root.

It helps alleviate the swelling up and liquid retention in the body by detoxifying and cleansing the liver.

7. Red Raspberry.

This ingredient is a great help in addressing the menstrual and menopausal signs by strengthening the muscles in the uterus and by keeping the reproductive system healthy.

8. Black Cohosh Root.

This eases any pain caused by the swelling of the ovaries, spasms and giving birth. This has already been popular among Native Americans long time ago to address symptoms associated with menopause, like dryness in the vaginal area and hot flashes.

9. Indole-3-Carbinol.

The amount of estrogen in the bloodstream must be regulated in order to increase interest for sexual activity. So, any excess of these hormones will be naturally eliminated by Indole-3-Carbinol.

10. Kudzu.

This is known in the ancient times as a Chinese medication. It is composed of phytoestrogens which are responsible for combating any symptoms related with menopause as well as in regulating hormones in the body.

11. Valerian Root.

It helps you have a good sleep by calming down your nervous system.

Provestra Ingredients – Perfect Blend

These Provestra ingredients are put together in a perfect blend to help you achieve a more satisfying sexual experience. It is purely natural and is guaranteed to help you address your problems related to your sexual health.

There are actually four main types of Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD), each with a different root cause.  It is important for you to research more on this so you could directly resolve the main issue. We have enumerated the Provestra ingredients with their underlying effects to help you in your predicament.

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